Mama Zombie. Mexico City, February 2022.
Annual horse race, Dash for Cash, on the Navajo Reservation. Arizona, U.S. 2018.
Trucker watches news. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 2020.
Farmer burns a sugar cane field. Reserve, Louisiana. 2020.
Man working in the forrest. Pueblo, Mexico. 2020.
Police stand guard for the women´s march. Mexico City, Mexico. March 8, 2020.
Final of the women´s march. Mexico City, Mexico. March 8, 2020.
Ron. Montrose, Colorado. 2018.
Tewa woman performs Butterfly Dance. Ohkay Owingeh, New Mexico, U.S. 2019.
Family picture. Denver, Colorado, U.S. 2018.
416 Fire. Durango, Colorado, U.S. 2018.
Homless person living in an abandoned mining shaft. Salida, Colorado, U.S. 2018.
Baptist church mass. Olathe, Colorado, U.S. 2018.
Montana, U.S. 2014.
Wisconsin, U.S. 2015.
People of a small village gather for a mascarade. Moldova. 2013.
About 30 refugees went into a hunger strike which has been lasting for ten days, in order to gain recognition of their rights as asylum seekers. Berlin, Germany. 2013.
Free Palestine demonstration. Berlin, Germany. August 8, 2014.
Hartmut visits his deceased aunt. Bavaria, Germany. 2013.
A man who lost everything when his house burnt down. Sliven, Bulgaria. 2017.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 2017.
Funeral in a remote village. Moldova. 2016.
Clean up after a ballistic projectile from Gaza hit a road. Israel. 2013.
Wyoming, U.S. 2014.