Chasper Senn    Photography

Haiti – The unaffordable island
2016 / 40 Photographs

An island similar to an open-air prison, the history of Haiti begins with the slave trade. With once a population of slaves outnumbering owners and traders, slave revolts revolutionized and brought reform to the masses- at a deadly cost for many people. Nonetheless the ‘Caribbean Pearl’ that it once was continues to tremble with political unrest, exploitation, and natural catastrophes.

In Haiti, poverty is omnipresent and easy to document. Digging deeper into the dark corners, anything from political corruption, domestic abuse and child slavery is another story.

Restaveks, or children deemed household servants to unknown people or families until they reach maturity, is a phenomenon still deeply embedded in Haitian society. Because of its long-standing notoriety, it is a difficult subject to approach.

Haiti in general is difficult to handle, because of its lack of infrastructure and its permanent struggle to survive. I would without any doubt travel there again, if I could extend my project and dig deeper into more specific subjects there.

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