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Boxed Nature

The photographs for Boxed Nature were taken in April 2015, while I was walking the streets of the most technical developed urban environment in the world: Tokyo.

Boxed Nature shows that creating things in straight lines is a human peculiarity. Together with right angles, straight lines provide order and structure, while chaos appears as the contrary.

Civilization is reluctant to accept disorder and it interprets chaos as mere confusion. This concept leads to a self-assertion which developed people understand as a feeling of superiority over nature and serves grossly for selfish motives and profit. To shape the world in straight lines ignores the loss of aesthetic perception. Thus, freedom of expression declines and as a result our world becomes increasingly tedious. A further result is the extinction of wilderness. It will be encountered only conserved and reproduced - in itself a paradox. Wilderness will be exhibited in zoos, on media, or as simulation and will be perceived as exotic. The idea that animals once freely roamed on earth will become abnormal.

A look at the environment in which we live and the products which we consume every day leads to the conclusion that we are strangers to nature and not the reverse.

All photographs shown in the PDF are available as prints in the size 18'' x 12'' (45,72 cm x 30,48 cm) or under. The size of the printed zine is 11'' x 11'' (27,94 cm x 27,94 cm).


PDF – The complete project: Boxed Nature

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