Chasper Senn    Photography

Do You Want to Marry Me?

Do You Want to Marry Me? is an ongoing project about my immigration process to the United States.

I came first to the U.S. as a visitor when Obama was president, then as an immigrant in Trump´s administration. Because my view shifted from observer to participant, I examine my extent of involvement and find my way as an artist here. My belief is that one can measure individual freedoms in a civilization by looking at its art.

This project will define American culture from the perspective of an immigrating person. Through immersing myself into everyday life in the U.S. and at the same time exploring the vast country and its people, I will involve myself in various communities and process the encounters and affections through my art.

Why America? In 2013 I met an American woman in Moldova. By fall 2015 we married in Switzerland and were living in Germany. Last year, in 2017 after our dog passed away unexpectedly we went through deep grief. My wife went back to the U.S. to heal and I followed her shortly thereafter. After a month in the U.S. on a tourist visa, we decided to start my application for permanent residency. I will wait over 20 months for my Green Card, assuming I will receive it. It all seems still uncertain.



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