Self-Portrait. Chiapas, Mexico. January 2022.

My friend and mentor Jean Bower once said that in her eyes my pictures have the vibrancy of a Van Gogh painting. What more of a compliment can I look for? I consider myself a purist with a distinct fondness for literature. I intend to achieve a maximum of simplicity and aesthetics, so that I can focus on a clear narrative in my projects. As a journalist I have my focus on marginalized people. I seek to show that there are more valuable impulses of the human spirit than the ever repetitive survival of the fittest. In my work I frequently walk the fine line, that divides non-fiction from fiction.

Recently I earned a degree in Photojournalism, at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), under the coordination of Eloy Valtierra. My final project was Fronteras Ficticias. In the summer of 2020 I participated in a workshop, provided by the VII Agency, The Digital Age: Adapting to Online Publishing, by Espen Rasmussen. During this workshop I launched And They Lived Happily and began simultaneously designing my own website. Until the fall of 2020, I was living for various years in Colorado, U.S., working in construction and as a farmhand. Since 1998 I pursued an education in Art and Design and completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts, at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the class of Hermann Pitz, in my hometown Munich, Germany, in 2010. My passion for storytelling grew during a year as a guest auditor in script writing at the University of Television and Film, as well in Munich. There I participated in workshops in creative writing by Doris Dörrie and in documentary script writing by Michael Gutmann, among others. More than a decade of working in the camera and lighting department for many productions and working as a instructor for camera and lighting technique followd.